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7 February 2018

The new version 3.0 has been released.

User Testimonials

Thanks for this brilliant product! I have used the other installer before, but this is better!
Joakim Holmstrom

I am using your InstallSimple software. It's great, exactly what I need.
George Dejmal

It's a really cool tool for building simple install routines, no unneeded stuff inside :-)
Stephan Gunther

I have downloaded your install program and it truly is what the name says simple.
David Ratkowski
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InstallSimple is written in
Macro Assembler Language


Versions History

version 3.0 [7-02-2018]
[+] New operating system requirements interface
[+] Added "Windows compatibility" section to the manifest resources
[-] Fixed some minor bugs

version 2.9 [21-08-2015]
[+] Added "Save As" dialog for save setup file
[-] Removed the "Output Directory" dialog
[-] Removed the "Display output directory when done" option
[+] Some minor improvements

version 2.8 [21-01-2015]
[+] Some minor improvements
[-] Fixed some bugs

Version 2.7 [19-08-2012]
[+] Added command line parameter '/s' for silent installation
[+] Added ability to call the command line after installation (only in PRO version)
[+] Some minor improvements
[-] Several minor bugs were fixed

Version 2.5 [11.05.2012]
[+] Added support for Wizard Bitmap, the picture which will be displayed on the left of the setup wizard
[+] Added special folders: System Drive, User Profile, Application Data, Current Directory
[+] Added 4.0 and 4.5 versions to the .NET Framework requirements list
[+] Added new option "Associate (*.ispro) files with InstallSimple" to the preferences dialog
[+] Added support for preview the installation wizard window
[+] Added if the required .NET Framework is not found, the setup will prompt to download and install it
[+] Improved interface and some visual elements
[+] Added other small features
[-] Fixed problem with wrong check .NET Framework version in some cases
[-] Fixed problem when setup running very slow from CD/DVD drive
[-] Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0 [25.08.2010]
[+] Added ability to change header text color.
[+] Updated the uninstall module.
[+] Slightly optimized the compression algorithm.
[+] Added a new toolbar to the windows registry section.
[+] Nicer "Browse for folder" dialogs for Win95/NT.
[+] Increased time delays for splash screen.
[-] Minor tweaks.

Version 1.80 [4.05.2010]
[+] Added "Windows 7" to the system requirements list.
[-] Fixed a small bug where the uninstaller could not remove shortcuts
     to MS-DOS applications.
[-] Fixed a rare bug in progress bar (introduced in 1.75).

Version 1.75 [1.04.2010]
[+] The InstallSimple now uses an excellent BZip2 compression.
[+] Adler32 algorithm now is used to calculate a 32-bit checksums,
     that is much faster of CRC32.
[+] Reduced overall memory requirements during packing/unpacking.
[+] Nicer progress bar.
[-] Fixed problem with creating big installation packages (>1GB).

Version 1.55 [3.02.2010]
[+] Added new dialog "Preferences".
[+] Added ability to set directory for saving installation pack.
[+] Added support for creation of the multilevel submenu in a program
[+] Added automatic check for updates of InstallSimple.
[+] Many small improvements (changed Shortcuts section in a project files,
     optimized some operations, etc.)
[+] Updated the documentation.

Version 1.45 [6.10.2009]
[+] Added option to check if the .NET Framework installed.
[+] Added "Windows 2008" to the system requirements list.
[+] Improved initialization speed.
[+] Fixed "wrong shortcuts" issue.

Version 1.40 [7.04.2009]
[+] Added ability to require administrative privileges from end user.
[+] Updated 'Graphics' window
[+] Added some other small features
[-] Fixed a rare bug in the uninstall program (was faulty in some causes)
    Thanks to all bug reporters :)

Version 1.35 [26.09.2008]
[+] Added toolbar to wizard
[+] Added support for creating installation projects
[+] Added support for DWORD values of windows registry
[+] When deleting a .hlp file, the uninstaller will now automatically delete any corresponding .gid file as well.
[+] Added support for Windows XP themes

Version 1.27 [21.06.2008]
[+] Added CRC32 integrity check of installation packages

Version 1.25 [15.05.2008]
[+] Added new step to wizard - "Graphics"
[+] Added progress bar to wizard
[+] Improved user interface

Version 1.15 [31.01.2008]
[+] Added special folders: System, Desktop
[+] Added support for creating shortcuts on the Quick Launch Bar

Version 1.10 [10.08.2007]
[-] All know bugs have been fixed. Thanks to all bug reporters :)
[+] Added 2 new steps to wizard (System Requirements, After Installing)
[+] Added variable <SetupPath> used for creating entries into Windows Registry
[+] Added support for creating shortcuts to "Uninstall.exe"
[+] Updated shortcuts window
[+] Updated the documentation
[+] Added many other small features

Version 1.02 [24.06.2007]
[-] Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.01 [12.06.2007]
[-] Fixed minor bug in uninstall program

Version 1.0 [10.06.2007]
[+] First release

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