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8 January 2024

The new version 3.5 has been released.

User Testimonials

Thanks for this brilliant product! I have used the other installer before, but this is better!
Joakim Holmstrom

I am using your InstallSimple software. It's great, exactly what I need.
George Dejmal

It's a really cool tool for building simple install routines, no unneeded stuff inside :-)
Stephan Gunther

I have downloaded your install program and it truly is what the name says simple.
David Ratkowski
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InstallSimple is written in
Macro Assembler Language


Assembly Language

Assembler language - most powerful and complex programming language in the world. Assembler is a programming language in which the source statements retranslated directly into individual microprocessor instructions. This direct translation allows complete control over the computer and the greatest possible optimization of a program.

Programming in assembly language has immediate and practical benefits:

- Programs can be made to run hundreds, maybe thousands of times faster than their high level language counterparts (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.).
- Programs are much smaller and more efficient.
- Programs can take full advantage of the system it is meant to run on.

Assembly language is essential where speed, compactness, and low level or hardware control are the primary requirements. Assembler is best suited for writing smaller, stand-alone programs and optimized routines that are used by other programs.

InstallSimple is written in Microsoft Macro Assembler Language (MASM32).

You can purchase a non exclusive copy of the InstallSimple source code.
For more information, please contact us at: info@installsimple.com

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